Who are we Vaccinating?

We are currently offering vaccination to all adults aged 18 and over as well as  Cohort 6, adults aged 16-65, in an 'at-risk' group.

If you are fall into either of the above cohorts, you are eligible and should contact your GP if you have not yet been invited for vaccination. 


2nd Dose Vaccinations

If you received your first vaccination at Batchwood or Harpenden Public Halls, you will be invited for your second vaccination at Batchwood or Harpenden Public Halls, 

8 weeks later.


Your GP Practice will contact you via text message or phone call, to schedule this second appointment in the coming weeks, just as soon as they have their vaccine delivery schedules.


You should have your second dose at the same site/location that you received your first dose.

Centralised vaccine delivery schedules will take into account the number of first doses delivered by site, to ensure the correct amount of vaccine is delivered for second doses.


Batchwood and Harpenden Public Halls are Local Vaccination Services (LVS),

led by your local GPs, nurses and practice staff who look forward to welcoming you back for dose 2. You will automatically be invited if you came in for dose 1.


If you have not yet had your first dose and are aged 18+ you are eligible to be vaccinated now, by appointment only. 

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